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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Phillip R. A. Spann, has established the E3 jobs ministry geared toward providing support in work readiness and obtaining employment.

E3 stands for Equipped and Empowered for Employment, and our vision is to empower our fellow church members, and members of the neighboring communities, to walk and work in their purpose-filled destinies. We deliver resources that allow members to build and enhance their skill sets as they use them to glorify God through service and the production of assets that contribute to His kingdom.

Our programming includes recurring resources that are continuously available for those in need to access, and scheduled events that include a speaker series and development workshops. Check our website frequently for updated information on job postings and upcoming events. If you or someone you know could benefit from E3, feel free to contact us at .

More Job Listings Coming Soon
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